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The Expanding Universe of Astronomy By John R. Percy Professor Emeritus: Astronomy & Astrophysics, and Science Education University of Toronto What an interesting project — to encourage our members to reflect on the evolution of their discipline!  I’m not a professional historian – far from it – but I’m actively interested in heritage.  I lead … Read More

Sport Studies: Evolving But Not Yet Evolved By Helen Jefferson Lenskyj Professor Emerita OISEUT The field of sport studies has changed dramatically since I first entered it as a graduate student in 1980. Some readers may not be aware of its existence, although others may recall my two Senior College presentations on the Olympic industry: … Read More

Retrospective on my discipline: Philosophy By Lynda Lange In the nineteen seventies I came to Toronto to work on a doctorate in philosophy. By the time I graduated at the end of the decade, I had done the very first doctoral dissertation in feminist philosophy in Canada, and possibly in the United States as well. … Read More

Teaching Human Evolution in Honolulu (Feb-March 2020) By Becky A. Sigmon, Prof. Emeritus of Anthropology   My connection with Honolulu Honolulu is a small city melding the features of the Orient and the West into a uniquely adaptive human blend of physical and cultural variation.  It is this character that appeals to me.  Honolulu’s international … Read More

Membership as a Fellow in Senior College

Senior College was organized on May 14, 2009 and the first Council met on June 18, 2009 with Peter Russell as the Founding Principal. According to the detailed records of our Bursar, Charles Chaffey, the first fees were deposited in a bank account on June 19, 2009 and 66 individuals became Fellows between June 19 … Read More

Principal’s Message To Members and Fellows of Senior College Welcome to a Fall term unlike any in our history. This summer has proved to be most instructive in teaching us how Senior College might adapt in its response to the Covid 19 pandemic. After postponing our last two planned Wednesday lectures at the Faculty Club … Read More

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Important message regarding the activities of Senior College during the current CoVid 19 pandemic

Re: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Senior College’s Response Dear Colleague: Because of concerns about the Coronavirus and the demographic of our membership, and in accordance with recent memos from the University regarding the virus, Senior College has taken the decision to suspend all of its scheduled events until the end of April, at which point the situation will … Read More