Welcome to Senior College!

Important notice regarding SC Fellow/External Fellow fees for 2021

Since the Faculty Club will remain closed until at least the summer of 2021 and since our other expenses are covered by the 2020 fees, Senior College will not require any fee payment in January 2021 from existing Fellows and External Fellows. With the expectation that SC may resume in-person meetings in the Fall of 2021, the amount of fees owing will be determined in the early summer, 2021. Fellows and External Fellows joining between January and June 2021 will be asked to pay an introductory fee of $25.

If they have not done so already, Fellows and External Fellows who paid the full annual membership fee in January 2020 can request a refund or a credit of $75.

Popular Events

Weekly Talks

One of the College’s most popular activities has been a series of weekly talks held at the Faculty Club during the academic year. The presenters are often Fellows reporting on their recent work, but outside speakers are also invited. The topics are wide-ranging and cover a broad spectrum of disciplines and subjects. The format calls for an approximately one-hour talk followed by a coffee break and then a discussion period. The talks are usually recorded and made available as either streaming or downloadable podcasts. The discussion sessions, which are often very lively, are not recorded. The sessions are so popular that seating is limited and Fellows are given priority although others are welcome if space permits.

Book Club

The club sessions are open to all Fellows and External Fellows of Senior College on a first-come, first served basis until the maximum number of participants is reached. Registration open up a few weeks beforehand.


Although the weekly talks have proven to be very popular some Fellows & External Fellows have sought opportunities for more direct participation in discussions of particular topics and issues. To this end a more-or-less monthly series of colloquia has been established. A committee selects topics which participants, limited in number to about fifteen, are expected to become informed about prior to each meeting. A reading list, featuring readily-available sources, is circulated to participants ahead of time. Topics range over a wide variety of disciplines and much of the interest generated by this series arises from the opportunity it provides for Fellows from very different fields to interact with one another.

To Members and Fellows of Senior College Welcome to a Fall term unlike any in our history. This summer has proved to be most instructive in teaching us how Senior College might adapt in its response to the Covid 19 pandemic. After postponing our last two planned Wednesday lectures at the Faculty Club it became clear that many members wished to continue to meet, for both intellectual and social purposes – incredibly important as we all hunkered down, sheltering in place. So, in contrast to our usual quiet summers this year’s was loaded with events: Lindas Hutcheon and Corman with the Programme committee developed a series of Wednesday lectures; David Milne found new books to discuss; and Marty Klein led colloquia and ”Meet your colleagues” sessions through this period. Finally, these activities were bound together by a series of informal ”Coffee hours” initiated by Jim Gurd.