Renewal of Annual Fees for Fellow/External Fellow

Fees now due for January 1 to June 30, 2022: $75

Senior College is returning to the Faculty Club AND remaining on Zoom. Starting January 1st, you can choose to hear the Wednesday speakers at the Faculty Club, preceded by an optional lunch from the menu, or continuing as before on Zoom, or some of each. Your fee will cover the cost of a Faculty Club membership and of the Zoom broadcasts from the Club. The Colloquium and Book Club will remain on Zoom.

The full fee schedule is as follows:
Fellows and External Fellows: $75
Spouses/Partners of paying Fellows and External Fellows: $30
Fellows paying Faculty Club fees through the joint plan: $30

If you put your $75 Faculty Club refund from March 2020 into trust toward future fees, please use it to renew your membership, by using this link

Otherwise, please pay by credit card:

If your membership has lapsed, please complete the form and payment at:

If you are applying to be become a Fellow or External Fellow for the first time, please go to