In Memoriam

Marian Campbell Aitchison Packham, December 13, 1927 – September 20, 2020. Department of Biochemistry, University of Toronto

H. Bruce Schroeder, died July 28, 2020. He was a professor of Archaeology at the University of Toronto at Scarborough.

Robert Harold Blackburn, died in his 101st year on Wednesday, September 18, 2019. Chief Librarian where he served a distinguished career from 1954-81

David Booth (d December 20, 2018) Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE

Meyer Brownstone (June 26, 1922-April 3, 2019) Professor and director of Political Economy (U of T); Professor of Environmental Studies (York U)

Donald Adam Burwash (May 20, 1930-November 16, 2018) Volunteer in the Senior College office on McCaul St. for over four years

John Davis Died May 22, 2019. Professor Emeritus at OISE in the departments of Educational Administration and Theory and Policy Studies

Hans de Groot (1939-February 13, 2019)  Department of English, University College

William G. (Bill) Friend (July 25, 1928-December 16, 2018) Department of Zoology

Denis William Magill (June 1939 – November 2018). Professor Emeritus, former Director of the Department of Sociology undergraduate program and University Health Studies program.

Desmond Morton (1937-September 4, 2019) Principal of Erindale College (1986-1994); Professor of political science at McGill University

Ruth Pike (April 8, 1932-March 7, 2019) Applied Psychology, OISE

James Cunningham (Jim) Ritchie (July 20, 1929 – October 3, 2018) Professor of Botany and Chair, Division of Life Science UTSC

Jack Shapiro (d January 17, 2019) Chair of Toronto Board of Health. Toronto General Hospital and Cancer Care of Ontario. Partner of Merrijoy Kelner.

Peter Silcox (1939-October 12, 2019) Principal of Woodsworth College (1977-1984); Associate Dean and Vice-Principal UTM (1988-1993)

Frances Silverman (1942-December 11, 2018) Physiology, University of Toronto, Gage Institute & Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Mladen Vranic (April 3, 1930 – June 18, 2019) Physiology, Faculty of Medicine

George Kurt Weissenborn 1929 – November 2, 2018. Retired in 1995 as Associate Professor at St. Michael’s College teaching German language and literature.

Michael Wilson. The Honourable Michael Wilson was Chancellor of Trinity College (2003-2006) and the 33rd Chancellor of the University of Toronto (2012-2018).

William (Bill) Douglas Foulds (1918-April 1, 2018) was Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, retiring in 1984, and served the Faculty Club in many capacities.

Alex G. Harrison (1921-Sept. 7, 2018) joined the University of Toronto in 1959. His areas of research were gas-phase ion chemistry and mass spectrometry.

Douglas Joyce (July 20, 1922 – July 1, 2018). For more than three decades, he taught in the University of Toronto’s department of Germanic languages and literature, and was head of German at Trinity College in the 1960s, before the department was united across the university in the 1970s.

Terry Kavanagh (June 6, 1927-Sept. 10, 2018) was director of the Toronto Rehabilitagtion Centre and specialized in cardiovascular health and fitness.

Michael Kirkham (1934-2018) joined the University of Toronto in 1968. He was professor of English, first at Scarborough College, then at University College.

Robert Harold McNutt (July 4, 1937-June 23, 2018) was Principal and Vice-Principal at UTM from 1995 to 2002, although he was at McMaster University for the remainder of his career.

Neville Moray (May 27, 1935-Dec. 15, 2017), whose research treated applied experimental and engineering psychology was a member of the U of T Departments of Psychology (1970-1974) and Industrial Engineering (1981-1988).

Miriam Rossi (d July 11, 2018) was Professor of Paediatric Medicine at the University of Toronto and associated with the Hospital for Sick Children.

Paul G. Walfish (d July 28, 2018), Alex and Simona Shnaider Chair in Thyroid Oncology at the University of Toronto and founder, in 1965, of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, died at age 83.

Lois Elaine Wier (Nov. 6, 1930-Feb. 2, 2018) was executive secretary at the founding of Erindale College, and later Associate Dean at the Faculty of Music.

Michael Bliss (May 18, 2017): Michael Bliss, historian and University Professor was considered as “one of Canada’s most prominent public intellectual” produced 14 books on political, medical and business history and frequently (and sometimes controversially) contributed to public debate of Canadian affairs.

Merritt Davis (July 22, 2017): he led an accomplished life as a professional engineer, highway and vehicle safety expert, and Professor at UofT. 

Gordon Michael Froggatt (July 15, 2016): Gordon Froggatt was a cardiologist at Sunnybrook Hospital and professor of medicine.

His contribution to medical training was to ensure that students entering the medical profession had excellent clinical experience.

Calvin Gotlieb (October 16, 2016):  Calvin Gotlieb is considered to be the father of computing in Canada. He was a cofounder of the Computer Centre at the University of Toronto in 1948 and established the first university computer science department in Canada shortly afterwards.

Shuichi Nagata (July 11, 2016): Professor Nagata’s fieldwork including the study of the Hopi people and indigenous societies of Malaysia. He served for a time as chair of the Anthropology Department.

Orest Rudzik (December 8, 2016): Orest Rudzik taught English at University College from 1961 until 1986. He established a second career when he was called to the bar in Ontario in 1975, and was an active member of the Canadian Ukranian Committee.