Principal’s Message

Welcome to the website of Senior College at the University of Toronto. Senior College is an organization consisting of all retired Faculty and Librarians of the University. It maintains SC Centre at 256 McCaul St on the 4th floor. This space is available to all members and is used for art shows, meetings and monthly colloquium discussion groups.

The College mounts a vibrant academic program consisting of weekly lectures, a monthly book club, and a yearly symposium. Various more informal, social activities such as Coffee hour discussions and “Meet your colleagues” allow participants to get to know each other. The key feature of SC is the diversity of career backgrounds of its Members and Fellows and the range of perspectives this diversity brings. Please explore the “Events” button to view our past, present and forthcoming activities.

We are now well into our 2nd year of the Covid-19 pandemic. The College has made a successful transition to an on-line program presence using the Zoom platform for its activities.

This Fall has raised important questions for Senior College which we have attempted to address through focus groups and discussions, both formal and informal. Our sense from these is that while there is a great wish to return to normal social functions the majority of members would prefer to wait until they feel that this is safe. Consequently, we will continue with our Fall programs of Wednesday lectures, monthly colloquia and book club using the on-line Zoom platform

We are continuing to explore the possibility of in person meetings in the New Year and have begun discussions with the Faculty Club and other potential venues. We look forward to the views of the Fellows and Members of Senior College as we develop our own road-map going forward.

Michael A. Hutcheon MD FRCPC
Principal, Senior College