Senior College Speakers’ List Alphabetical

Alford, Larry (U of T) on “Libraries” 2015 (winter)

Alloway, Tom on “Sniffy and its significance in research and education” 2012 (winter)

Armstrong, Sally on “The news: a remarkable shift in the status of woman is reducing poverty cutting conflict and improving the economy” 2014 (fall)

Baar, Carl on “political obstacles to making trial courts more effective” 2012 (fall)

Bacque, James and Merrit Drucker (US Army): “Other Losses: Historical account of WW2” 2013 (fall)

Baecker, Ron on “Designing technology for seniors” 2014 (fall)

Baines, Cornelia (U of T, Medicine; SC fellow) on “How rumours, lies, and gullibility impact health behaviours” 2011 (fall); on “Do wind turbines cause serious harm to health?” 2014 (winter)

Barbeau, Ed (U of T, Mathematics: SC fellow) on “The power and limitations of mathematics” 2012 (winter)

Barrett, Spencer on “Evolutionary and genetic studies of biological invasions” 2016 (winter)

Bartlett, Kenneth (U of T, History, Renaissance Studies) on “The Basilica of St. Peter and the Apostolic Palace in Rome” 2013 (winter)

Beattie, John (U of T, Criminology) on “The first English detectives: policing London before the bobbies” 2012 (fall)

Bereiter, Carl on “21st-century skills and knowledge” 2010 (fall)

Bewell, Alan (U of T, English) on “Natures in translation: Thinking about nature in a new way” 2016 (fall)

Bliss, Michael (U of T, History) on “History of health care and health insurance in Canada” 2010 (fall)

Bourne, Larry on “Toronto’s growing social-spatial divide” 2016 (fall)

Brean, Don on “Outlook for G20/G8: past, present, possible future 2011 (winter)

Cameron, Stevie on “The Kinston Pen: Tales from Canada’s historic prison” 2015 (fall)

Chaffey, Charles (U of T; SC fellow) on “Brother Marie-Victorin: Pioneer of French-Canadian science” 2014 (fall)

Chamberlin, Ted (U of T; English/Comparative Literature) on “First nations” 2013 (winter)

Charlton, Milton (U of T; SC fellow) on “Snails, snakes and SNAREs: Natural nerve toxins in basic science and medicine” 2013 (fall)

Chasin, Marshall on “Why music and modern hearing aids don’t get along” 2016 (winter)

Clandfield, David (U of T, French/Cinema) on “From commodity to national emblem: shifting stories about the origins of croissants, camembert and champagne” 2012 (fall)

Clark, George Elliot (U of T; English) on “Why not an ‘African-Canadian’ epic? Lessons from Pratt, Walcott, etc.” 2014 (fall)

Cohen, Jon (U of T; Political Science) on “New ways to measure technological change and why getting it right matters” 2013 (fall)

Corman, Brian (U of T, English, SGS Dean; SC fellow) “The Future of the PhD” panel 2016 (winter)

Craik, Fergus (U of T, Psychology) on “Memory and aging” 2013 (winter)

Davis, Chandler (U of T) on “The next thousand years or so” 2014 (fall)

Davis, Natalie (U of T, History) on “Leo Africanus discovers comedy: A 16th-century Mediterranean adventure” 2013 (fall)

de Groot, Hans (U of T, English; SC fellow) on “Words and music in the songs of Robert Burns” 2014 (winter)

Dirks, John (U of T, Medicine/Massey) on “The world of prizes: the glories and the disappointments” 2012 (winter)

Doob, Tony on “The truth about crime” 2010 (fall)

Duffy, Dennis (U of T, English; SC fellow) “Jimmy Gatz’s journey to Oz and what he found there: What Scott Fitzgerald owed to the wonderful wizard” 2014 (winter)

Eichler, Margrit (U of T; SC fellow) “The federal government and its stance on basic science” 2015 (winter)

Eidelman, Gabriel on “City election issues” 2010 (fall)

English, John on “Canada and the Arctic Council” 2015 (fall)

Etkin, Ben on “Apollo 13: problems and solutions” 2010 (fall)

Fedunkiw, Marianne (Arts and Letters Club) “The Future of the PhD” panel 2016 (winter)

Fenton, Brock (UWO) on “Bats in my Hair” 2013 (fall)

Fleming, Alison (UTM) on “Why mothers want to mother: neuropsychology and the effects of early experience” 2013 (fall)

Foot, David (U of T) on “Demographics” 2013 (fall)

Frolic, Bernie (York) on “Political Developments in China” 2013 (fall)

Gertler, Meric (U of T, Geography) on “The University and the city: A case study” 2014 (winter)

Godfrey, Charles (Bud) (U of T, Medicine) on “Post-traumatic stress disorder: a confusable conundrum” 2012 (winter)

Gotlieb, Calvin (Kelly) (U of T, Computer Science) on “The pace of change” 2013 (winter)

Gunning, Patrick on “A beginner’s guide to killing cancer cells” 2016 (fall)

Hajnal, Peter (U of T, librarian; SC fellow) on “Outlook for G20/G8: past, present, possible future 2011 (winter)

Hall, Bert on “The history of technology—and war technology” 2014 (winter)

Hallett, Peter on “What the heck” Solitary bees and wasps” 2011 (fall)

Healey, Toni (U of T, English) on “The Lexicographer and her craft: writing a dictionary of Old English in the digital age” 2015 (fall)

Hidi, Suzanne (U of T; SC fellow) on “Rewards, competition and cooperation: linking psychological research of motivation with neuroscientific investigations of the brain” 2011 (winter); on “Power of interest in enhancing motivation and learning” 2015 (fall)

Horner, Richard (U of T, Medicine) on “Why we and other living things sleep” 2016 (fall)

Hurl, Ryan (U of T) on “The US Election” 2016 (fall)

Hutcheon, Linda and Michael (U of T, English/Medicine; SC fellows) on “Opera and Medicine” 2011 (winter); on “Aging and creativity: Late style and last works of opera composers” 2016 (winter)

Iacobucci, Frank on “The Role of the Supreme Court of Canada” 2014 (winter)

Innes, Christopher and Brigitte Bogar (York) on “If music be the food of love, play on” 2015 (fall)

Jenkins, David on “The evolution of the human diet and its implications for human and environmental health” 2015 (winter)

Johnson, Robert (U of T, History) on “Revising the revisionists: how history is written, rewritten, and (sometimes) unwritten” 2013 (winter)

Johnston, Alexandra (U of T, English) on “Early English drama” 2013 (winter)

Joordens, Steve on “Delivery and impact of on-line university courses” 2014 (fall)

Kain, Kevin (U of T, medicine) on “Forget impact factors: how can our research have real impact?” 2014 (fall)

Kalant, Harold (U of T, Pharmacology) on “Modern concepts of addiction” 2013 (winter)

Katz, Giuliana (U of T, Italian; SC fellow) on “Pinter and Pirandello: an examination of Pinter’s script for Losey’s film/accident” 2011 (fall); on “Italian Art: A psychoanalytic interpretation of Giorgio de Chirico’s life and works” 2013 (fall)

Kennedy, John (UTSC, Psychology; SC fellow) on “Pictures” 2011 (winter); on “Blind people can draw pictures” 2016 (fall)

Key, Tony (U of T) on “Academic enterprise and its distortion” 2010 (fall)

Keystone, Jay (U of T, Medicine) on “Adult immunization: From recess to retirement” 2015 (winter)

Kidd, Bruce (U of T) on “Competitive sport” 2015 (winter)

Kingston, Paul (U of T) on “The end of Middle East authoritarianism(s)? Explaining divergent outcomes” 2011 (fall)

Kotanen, Peter on “Do invading plants escape their enemies?” 2015 (fall)

Krementsov, Nicholas on “History of medicine and science under Stalin” 2014 (fall)

Leddy, Mary Jo (Massey) on “Refugees and their future in Canada” 2013 (winter)

LeDuc, Larry (U of T, Political Science) on “Post-USA election analysis” 2012 (fall)

Legge, Elizabeth (U of T, Art) on “Michael Snow and conceptual art in the 1960s” 2015 (winter)

Lenskyj, Helen on “No more rainbows: Sexual diversity and the Sochi 2014 Olympics” 2014 (winter)

Levere, Trevor (U of T; SC fellow) on “Dr. Thomas Beddoes: science, medicine and politics in the time of the French and chemical revolutions” 2011 (fall)

Lozano, Andres on “Deep brain stimulation” 2010 (fall)

Lowy, Frederick on “Whether psychiatry: Neuropsych or psychosocial?” 2014 (winter)

Macklin, Audrey on “Let’s make private sponsorship work” 2016 (fall)

Magocsi, Paul (U of T, Slavic) on “Ukraine” 2015 (winter)

Marrus, Michael (U of T, History) on “The liberation of Paris in 1944” 2014 (fall)

Martin, Roger (U of T) on “The State of Capitalism” 2015 (fall)

Master Class Players on “Chopin: Patriot and Poet” 2014 (winter); on “Russia, a musical enigma: Piano works of the late 19th and 20th centuries” 2015 (winter); on “Vienna and music: from Haydn to Zemlinsky” 2016 (winter)

Maurer, Daphne (McMaster; SC fellow) on “Your name is green trimmed with silver: The colourful world of synaesthesia” 2014 (fall)

McGee, Tim (U of T, Music; SC fellow) on “Music and ceremony in Florence at the time of Lorenzo the Magnificent” 2011 (winter); on “Who is the hero in Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony?” 2016 (winter)

McMurtry, Roy on “A pubic life in the law” 2015 (winter)

Mount, Nick (U of T, English) on panel on “Crisis in the Humanities: problems and possible solutions” 2011 Winter; on “The CanLit boom of the 1960s” 2015 (winter)

Nelson, Bill (U of T, History) on “Political gridlock in the USA” 2012 (winter)

Nemni, Max and Monique (SC Fellows) on “Trudeau transformed: the shaping of a statesman” 2012 (fall)

Oatley, Keith (U of T) on “Why reading fiction is good for you: The psychology of literary and film art” 2015 (fall)

O’Connell, Joe on panel on “Crisis in the Humanities: problems and possible solutions” 2011 Winter

O’Connell, Kathleen on “The later years of Rabindranath Tagore: forever young at 150” 2011 (fall)

Olson, David (U of T; OISE) on “Exploring how young children think” 2012 (fall)

Pachter, Charles (artist) on “How a contemporary Canadian artist learned to survive and thrive in Canada” 2012 (fall)

Paterson, Janet (U of T French; principal of Innis C) on panel on “Crisis in the Humanities: problems and possible solutions” 2011 Winter

Pauly, Lou (U of T, Munk/Political Science) on “Governing global risks: between integration and autonomy in the 21st century” 2012 (winter)

Pensler, Derek (U of T) on “The Middle East: Why did Israel win the 1948 war?” 2015 (fall)

Percy, John (U of T) on “The birth, life and bizarre deaths of stars” 2014 (winter)

Popovic, Milos on “Neuroplasticity: Overcoming paralysis by electrical stimulation” 2016 (fall)

Ralls, Stephen and Bruce Ubukata on the Aldeburgh Connection (chamber music in Toronto) 2013 (fall)

Rickerd, Don on “Canada and North Korea: Walking on a Tightrope” 2015 (winter)

Rosenthal, Peter (U of T, Mathematics, Law) on “Does the monarchy matter” 2013 (winter)

Rowe, Locke (U of T, SGS) on “The Future of the PhD” panel 2016 (winter)

Rudzik, Orest (U of T, English/Law) on “War crimes and the law: the case of Simeon Petliura 1926” 2012 (fall) [RIP]

Russell, Peter (U of T, Political Science; SC Principal) on “Harper government’s prorogation of parliament: implications for Canadian governance” 2011 (winter) 

Sage, Rowan (U of T, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) on “A message of hope: biological approaches to arresting climate deterioration” 2012 (fall)

Salter, Mike on “Pain: genes and gender” 2016 (winter)

Sandbrook, Richard on “Reinventing the left in the global south” 2015 (winter)

Sandori, Paul on “Architectural investigations” 2010 (fall); on “Eiffel’s tower: A triumph made possible by two engineers, an architect—and two carpenters” 2016 (winter)

Sarkar, Amu on “The Sorrow of South East Asia: The largest mass poisoning in history caused by drinking underground water contaminated with toxic metals” 2015 (fall)

Schachter, Harry (U of T; Biochemistry/Sick Children’s) on “Orphan (rare) genetic diseases in children: the congenital disorders of glycosylation” 2012 (winter)

Scherer, Steve on “Genes for autism?” 2016 (fall)

Segal, Hugh (U of T, Massey) on “The two freedoms—a foreign policy of purpose” 2016 (winter)

Silverman, Peter on “Media and the Military” 2014 (winter)

Shabus, Ezra (U of T, Music) on “The importance of being Canadian: the distinctive role of Sir Ernest MacMillan in Canadian music” 2011 (fall)

Sokolowski, Maria on “Genes and behavior” 2011 (winter)

Spencer, Matta on “The Russian quest for peace and democracy” 2011 (fall)

Steele, Lisa and Kim Tomczak (U of T, Visual Studies) on “Who opened this door” An exploration of art and technology” 2016 (fall)

Stein, Janice (U of T, Munk, Political Science) on “Analysis of Israeli-Palestinian peace process” 2011 (winter)

Stevens, Paul (U of T, English) on “Churchill’s war horse: Children’s literature and the pleasures of war” 2014 (fall)

Stewart, John David on “Vitamin D: gateway to healthy longevity” 2012 (fall)

Stone, Roselyn on “Zen Buddhism” 2010 (fall)

Stren, Richard on “City election issues” 2010 (fall)Sullivan, Philip on “Apollo 13: problems and solutions” 2010 (fall)

Sumner, Wayne (U of T, Philosophy) on “Assisted death” 2011 (fall)

Thompson, A. Paul (U of T, IHPST and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) on “Genetic modification in agriculture” 2013 (winter)

Thomson, James (U of T, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) on “Polinator declines: what we need to know” 2013 (winter)

Toope, Stephen (U of T, Munk) on “The Munk School: past, present and future” 2016 (winter)

Victor, Peter (York) on “Managing without growth: Slower by design, not disaster” 2013 (fall)

Vranic, Mladen (U of T, Medicine; SC fellow) on “Three stresses: fascism, communism, immigration” 2012 (winter); on “Diabetes epidemic: where are we now?” 2015 (fall)

Warkentin, Germaine (U of T, English; SC fellow) on panel on “Crisis in the Humanities: problems and possible solutions” 2011 (winter); on “Letters, glyphs and wampum: reading what in the brain?” 2011 (winter); on “Exploring the Codex Canadensis: Louis Nicolas, a rejected Jesuit, and the natural history of 17th-century Canada” 2016 (winter)

Watson, Cicely (and panel) (U of T; SC fellow) on “Academic dead ends: erosion of faculty tenure-stream positions” 2012 (winter) [RIP]

Wayne, Michael (U of T, History) on “Imaging black America” 2013 (winter)

Wellman, Barry (U of T, Sociology) on “The triple revolution: the tern to social networks; the personal internet revolution; the always-accessible mobile revolution” 2011 (fall)

Whittington, Stuart on “Random knots: From garden hoses to DNA” 2015 (winter)

Wigdor, Blossom (U of T; SC fellow) on “Aging” 2010 (fall)

Wiseman, Nelson (U of T) on “The 2015 Canadian election” 2016 (fall)